[Discussion] TRUTH ABOUT 10-STEP KOREAN SKINCARE (spoiler: it’s a bullshit) | DAS 다스


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[Discussion] TRUTH ABOUT 10-STEP KOREAN SKINCARE (spoiler: it’s a bullshit) | DAS 다스

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  2. DAS recently posted a video breaking down the “myth” of the so-called 10-step Korean skincare.

    What do you guys think? How many of you actually use 10 or more products in your skincare routine?

  3. I have oily dehydrated acne prone skin and tried to do 10-step Korean skincare routine long time ago. My skin actually felt very nice at first – glowy looking with no breakouts. And then it suddenly hit me, my skin turned really bad with whiteheads and cystic acne. Lesson learned that my skin couldnt handle all the layers of skincare plus Im living in a very humid city. I minimized my routine to 5 products – cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, moisturizer. And it works wonder for my skin ever since. So I think 10-step Korean routine is not something for all skin types. Dry skinned ppl might find it more beneficial with all the extra moisture and hydration but that’s just too much for oily skinned ppl like me

  4. I think that doing all the steps will be too much for anyone. Also not all steps would do any good for certain skin types. Not to mention the fact that for most people it’s difficult to find the right products, because not only you have to keep in mind what your skin might need, but also how will certain products work with each other. And that alone could lead to worse effects.

    I based my skincare routine off the 10 step Korean one, but I don’t use all of the steps – only chose the ones that I think help. So the only “new” things are the oil cleanse, serum and spf. This is my third year using it and the skin looks a lot better thanks to the new additions not being too radical. But it’s flexible enough to accommodate what u need.

    People tend to think that this skincare method will be a sudden miracle remedy for their issues. It won’t mostly because our skin needs change fast and often, and most people just focus on the steps not on what the skin needs at the moment. And it doesn’t need everything all at once.

  5. I thought this was already pretty well known? It was basically just a marketing ploy created by Charlotte Cho at Soko Glam to introduce all of the different types of Korean skin care products there are to the average American consumer/give K-Beauty some extra exotic appeal, and I’m pretty sure she’s said as much. Of course, the media then took that and made it sound like all Korean women use 10 products a night which obviously isn’t the case.

  6. Well, I think a lot of people HAVE all the products for the steps, but you adapt to what your skin needs that day/week. So you don’t necessarily use all at once, but all have a function.

    I think about 10 products in rotation is normal?

    Double cleanse, exfoliate, active, toner, serum/oil, moisturiser, eyecream, suncream, masks.

  7. I mean, I’ve got more than 10 products, but I don’t use all of them everyday. To me skincare is about adjusting to what your skin needs on any given day, not doing a huge routine every single day.

  8. I use 9 products every night as it’s frickin cold where I live right now and I really need to pack On the hydration. If I have a break out or my skin is feeling extra sensitive I’ll add even more products so it’s easily 10-11 steps. Do everyone need this much? Absolutely not. But I do – so for me it’s not bullshit.

  9. I mean for me personally I can use up to 17 steps every night but it’s definitely not a necessity. However I have pretty unfussy non-sensitive skin and I truly enjoy doing a massive routine that may take me over an hour to complete (while doing other tasks of course). But I do get how for others it’s perhaps a real hassle and not worth it because they can get results from much less. Or worse, could overload your skin and cause breakouts. I guess it’s all relative to your own skim and your own goals and what you want to get out of your skincare routine.

  10. I do the 10 step korean skincare routine but only bc I love it and it makes me feel good to pamper myself at night. But it was from my understanding that you dont do all the 10 steps every single day. Exfoliating everyday would be killer.

  11. I do the 10 step korean skincare routine but only bc I love it and it makes me feel good to pamper myself at night. But it was from my understanding that you dont do all the 10 steps every single day. Exfoliating everyday would be killer.

  12. I lurk now but I first started looking into AB and participating a lot about 2-3 years ago and I remember trying so hard and for so long to achieve this really complex routine that I was under the impression would make my face perfect.

    A short summary of how that worked out: I learned that I’m extremely reactive to mineral oil (thanks, kose cleansing oil) and that multiple layers really doesn’t do much for my skin. Neither does double cleansing, oddly enough. I wear sunscreen and makeup on a daily basis, wash my face with a microfibre cloth and water + sometimes a light cleansing milk, that’s it.

    My total routine is 3 products. Cleanser, BHA when I feel I need it, moisturizer. I miss the fun of trying out new steps and pampering myself but there was not a single time when anything more than those steps worked for me. So I 100% believe that the 10-step was manufactured as a sales tactic.

  13. People are saying that 10 step was created for the Western market but (when I watched them) I saw quite a few Korean skincare gurus say they use 10 steps and it’s common in their country.

  14. I tried it but didn’t work on me. And then I watch Liah Yoo talking about skincare diet and I found out that for my skin less is better.

    So nowadays, in the morning I just wash my face, then essence and moisturising sunscreen (add face oil if my skin feel dry). At night after cleansing, its hydrating toner, serum (only if necessary), eye cream, moisturiser + facial oil.

  15. I am Registered Nurse, no way I have time for a 10-step routine! I love that the Korean skincare movement from 2013 introduced me to looking more closely at ingredients in the product formulations, and listening to my skin in terms of what works for me, but that’s about it. I have a facialist I go to once a month in Chinatown… I let her play with my face, but I trust her. The 10-step method is a marketing ploy.

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