Enzyme Skincare Fights Off Free Radicals and Turns Over New Skin Cells

Enzymes possess, among other things, properties that make it a natural for skin care. They are by far the best and safest way to exfoliate those dead skin cells. Enzymes have the ability to dissolve those dry dead skin cells while leaving your healthy skin and pH balance untouched.

When the biological systems that control and regulate the skin's renewal process function efficiently, our skin is healthier and more youthful. With age, our bodies slowly lose the ability to adequately perform the skin renewal process. Additionally, skin sufferers damage from our harsh environment. These two conditions are detrimental to the health and appearance of our skin.

Created and produced through various processes, such as fruits, vegetables, animals, and marine life, enzymes are vital to every living process. Our bodies recognize over 3,000 types of enzymes, with our different cells utilizing different types of enzymes. Enzymes provide the ability for our skin to fight off free radicals and turn over new skin cells. Enzymes used in skin care are protease, which have the ability to break down human skin proteins like keratin.

Arazyme is an enzyme discovered in recent years by Dr. Ho-Yong Park, the first doctor of insect pathology in Korea. His extensive bioprospecting research led him to this enzyme isolated from the golden orb spider, which exhibited remarkable properties. Due to this bioactive enzyme, the spider had an exceptional ability to decompose and consume a wide variety of prey, by dissolving and drinking it.

Used in skin care products, Arazyme mimics the role of our own body's natural acid proteases found in the epidermis. It Promotes our skin's ability to break those proteins that hold our dead skin cells together and aids in accelerated cell renewal. It also stimulates the turnover by degradation of keratin, a main component of epidermis.

Arazyme skin cleansers effectively remove protein impurities from the skin's keratin layer, and provide benefits such as softening of the skin, decomposition of dead skin cells, acceleration of skin metabolism, and facilitating application of cosmetics. After just a few days of using Arazyme, you can begin to see the enhanced clarity and radiance of your skin without irritation or harsh effect.

Source by Sharnell Scheurer

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