HG sheet masks with long-term or cumulative effects

As much as I love sheetmasking, there’s this unshakeable feeling that unless you’re doing these everyday, there’s no long-term or cumulative effect. Don’t get me wrong – is it luxurious and self-indulgent? Yes. Are there immediate effects? Yes. Does it give me a false sense of accomplishment? Yes. Is there a lingering shadow of doubt that it’s not money well-spent? Always. Will I stop? Probably not. However, with these caveats in mind…

I was wondering if you had any HG sheet masks that you’ve found have had either 1) long-term effect on your skin (brightness, plumpness, etc.) that has lasted beyond the odd day after, and/or 2) a cumulative effect (again, in terms of brightness, evenness of tone, wrinkles, etc.). Even the “treatment” ones like the brightening MBD Black Pearl Mask, I can’t say I’ve noticed a long-term effect on overall radiance.

Let’s hear it!

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  1. I think any skincare products doesn’t have a long term effect. Because our skin never stops aging, the day you stop put on skincare, the day your skin gets worse. I used to use masksheets everyday, my skin turned out smoother than baby skin. But since I stoped, it immediately got worse.

  2. I have exceedingly dry skin, and the most I expect from masks is keeping my skin hydrated, meaning no flakies and as plumped as possible. I feel it’s the actives and sunscreen that do the realest, longest-lasting work.

  3. Well, to answer your question, you have to look at sheet masks for what they are – a higher amount of the ingredients we typically use covered by an occlusive fabric or substance. For the sheet masks to have any lasting effect, you would need any one of these ingredients to accumulate and stay on your skin.

    From my limited knowledge, the only ingredients that will produce effects over more than a day are vitamin C, tretinoin, high concentration AHAs and BHAs. Not sure if they are compatible with Asian beauty though.

  4. Agree with above. Our skin is always renewing, cells are always turning over, ageing is constantly happening so unless you are continual with something, these processes will always be changing the skin. I see sheet masks as a treatment, or to go along with a treatment. So if I dermaroll, I’ll use a mask after so the goodness can penetrate into the micro channels etc

  5. When I had a really bad breakout last year (I blame Aloe Vera that is in tub) a friend of mine recommended Guerrison 5 Step Face Mask (or was it six?). It’s basically like a skincare itself because you have to follow steps before you get to the mask, and after that another step and you’re done.

    It helped me smoothen my face for days even without washing my face the next whole day. Plus it vanished my scars.

    I don’t think there’s any moisturiser out there who will and can do the same thing.

  6. I’m adding to it but seems like no one actually answered your questions – just telling you they have no long term effects. Think what OP is trying to get at is if you have any regulars in your routine that is HG?

  7. I haven’t tried this one myself, but the [Wishtrend](https://www.wishtrend.com/skin-care/1400-natural-vitamin-215-enhancing-sheet-mask-bywishtrend.html) natural vitamin enhancing mask contains small amounts of stable Vitamin C and E, and is supposed to boost the effects of a vitamin C serum when used together.

    I think this is some of the best you’ll get; it’s stable, but when used with an active it magnifies the results. I’ve also seen sheet masks with small amounts of fruit-sourced AHA, but I haven’t used them enough to know if it has a real effect.

  8. I honestly think the greatest benefit from regular sheet masking is the increased hydration, which keeps your skin barrier healthy. That’s in and of itself a great benefit, as a healthy skin barrier is just about the most important thing for anti-aging (aside from SPF), acne care, etc.

  9. The Leaders Insolution Mediu Amino Clearing Mask is my HG! I put it on when my skin feels irritated, like it’s about to breakout. And i’ve found that it is really effective in reducing the redness and irritation that comes with a breakout. This is a reaaally big deal to me, because I scar so easily and it takes my skin forever to heal. So this one is a lifesaver, and not just a luxury item!

  10. I’ve tried A LOT of sheet masks but I tend to expect short-term effects only cuz there’s no way they can improve my skin for just 15 minutes a day unless you use them every day, which I dont recommend. Here’re my top favorite sheet masks of all time based on their results:

    – Calming/Soothing: CNP Laboratory Green Propolis Ampoule Mask Sheet, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

    – Acne-treating: Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Sheet Mask, Enature Cicaherb Restore Sheet Mask, AM Piggy Head Green Tea Purifying Sheet Mask

    – Brightening: Dr.Morita Whitening Essence Facial Mask, HelloSkin Jumiso First Skin Brightening Sheet Mask, ByWishtrend Vitamin C Sheet Mask

    – Moisturizing: PapaRecipe Honey Sheet Mask, Annie’s Way Hyaluronic Acid + Seaweed Hydrating Mask, JMSolution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask

  11. I haven’t seen any long-term effects on my skin. I have felt a difference in my overall self-confidence. It’s not exclusive to sheet masks, but they do help me feel more motivated to take care of myself. The sheet masks in particular make me feel a little extra posh while also feeling silly and being lazy (I mostly do them when I can’t be bothered to do the rest of my routine). Every time I put one on, I joke to my mom that I feel like Jason Voorhees. For my sensitive skin, so far the blue Lululun and the Ceramide Too Cool for School feel the absolute best so far. I think I like School better, but that’s six dollars a mask.


    I’ve gotten all of my duds from beauty boxes, which doesn’t leave me feeling that I’ve wasted my money.


    But if I was expecting an overall visible improvement on the masks alone, I’d feel very silly for spending as much as I have on basically something that makes my skin feel good for a day or so without adding anything to really benefit long-term.

  12. Might not be a popular opinion, but I noticed major results from sheet masking nightly. I buy sheet masks in bulk and use them depending on what my skin needs.

    My major HG Ride or Die is the Blossom Jeju masks. – I have all three types. This one includes an oil and whenever I use this I notice visible results in the morning.

    Here are some other ones I love and when I use them :

    Papa Recipe Bombee Honey – I like to use this when my skin needs hydration, it’s kind of sticky, so use it at night. It always makes my skin glow after I use it. I also really like the black one too.

    Naruko Snail Mask – I like to use this when my skin is very irritated. I used this last night because I had an awful hormonal breakout in my nose (where I never get zits) and it was ultra red. Inflamed.. after using this my skin , the redness went down.

    I find sheet masks as solely hydrating, it also is very relaxing and helps me wind down for bed. Long term wise, I find it really keeps my skin hydrated (I live in a cold and dry environment and my skin is sensitive and dry)

  13. I use the Muji compressed sheet masks that allow you to add your own serum and/or toner to it. This way I know I’m using a product that I would anyway that gives me great results, but I still get the luxurious and self indulgent aspects of a sheet mask. I highly recommend them!

  14. I think that sheet masks have a cumulative effect in that the longer my skin isn’t super dry, the less likely it will be I’ll develop wrinkles. The way I think of it is, a wet piece of paper won’t crease but a dry one will! Usually my skin care takes care of my skin but every so often I feel my skin needs a little extra help, for example when it’s -35 degrees out for 2 days straight lol. My skin was getting a little dryer than normal and the sheet mask helped keep my skin closer to how it likes to be.

    So instead of having two days of extremely dry and cracked skin, I only had like 5 minutes of “ugh my skin feels a little dry.” If every time my skin is a little dryer than normal for whatever reason, I put a sheet mask, I think cumulatively over time it’s going to help with fine lines and wrinkles from forming. I think every minute you prevent the drying out of your skin will cumulatively add up over time.

    So to me, sheet masks is not a daily thing, it’s more like an unusual situations thing. It’s bringing in the reinforcements.

  15. I have very dry skin in the winter that sometimes gets so dry that it literally burns to put even the most gentle of moisturizers on, and I will literally get red flaky patches on my face. If I can feel this coming on (or if it’s already happened), a face mask will put an end to this instantly in less time than it would for me to fix it by layering 4+ layers of moisturizers on my skin.

  16. I would say that my personal hg if my skin is FUBAR and I’m using a sheet mask is the too cool for school hydration mask. Those have a lot of product on em and the effects do last a few days, at least on me. That being said like others have said on here sheet masks arnt super great for long term effects other than hydration and maybe brightening, however they’re nice if you need a pick me up skin wise or the weather is unforgiving and you need the extra oomph (currently close to polar vortex epicenter) alongside your normal regimen. And they are relaxing af if they’re cold and its summer which could possibly help temporarily with like face muscle stuff.

  17. I’ve had good results with the Kose Princess Veil masks. I get the kind in the black package for brightening. They help keep my skin clear somehow… my skin always gets worse when I stop. I couldn’t believe this at first but it does happen, haha. I switched to the pink package for moisture this winter but it’s not the same. There’s just something in them that my skin loves!

  18. alls i know is that i can’t take scented stuff so the only sheet masks i use are the hydrogel ones from iope, wishtrend’s vitamin c sheet mask, and benton’s snail mask ( haven’t tried their aloe mask… i don’t think i’m interested).

  19. alls i know is that i can’t take scented stuff so the only sheet masks i use are the **hydrogel ones from iope, wishtrend’s vitamin c sheet mask, and benton’s snail mask ( haven’t tried their aloe mask… i don’t think i’m interested).**

  20. The channel Beauty Within recently did a very scientific deep dive into what masks actually do for our skin and they included sheet masks. I would highly recommend a watch.

    I love sheet masks. I do one a day! One thing I’ve done lately that’s really amped up their use is to buy the Daiso silicone sheet mask cover ($5 on Amazon) and leave the mask on for 40 mins to an hour. It doesn’t dry out with the cover on and the effects of the sheet mask really get amped up by doing this.

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