SOME BY MI Propolis B5 Glow Barrier Calming Toner - 5.07Oz, 150ml - Strengthen Skin Barrier with Honey Extracts - Brightening and Skin Calming Effect - Pore and Sebum Care - Facial Skin Care

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  • SOME BY MI : SOME BY MI is a compound word of ‘SOMETHING’ and ‘BY A MIRACLE’. Our brand mission is to make products that stick to the essentials of cosmetics, with safe and clean ingredients with proven efficacy. Through our Skincare products, we hope to bring some positive changes and ‘MIRACLES’ to your skin
  • PROPOLIS B5 TONER : The Propolis B5 Toner contains 65% Propanthenol (Propolis + B5) which helps to moisturize and maintain a strong skin barrier. The toner also features Truecica, Bee pollen and Ceramide to moisturize and soothe the skin. Additionally, it is free of 20 artificial ingredients and has been tested for skin irritation, leaving a soft, nutritious texture that finishes refreshingly without stickiness
  • KEY INGREDIENTS : Propolis is a natural ingredient aiding in the caring of skin troubles and irritations. B5 is a powerful ingredient that moisturizes and improves the skin's barrier function, while also reducing redness and irritation. Honey and royal jelly, rich in vitamins and minerals, nourish and revitalize the skin
  • PROPOLIS B5 LINE : ROPOLIS B5 LINE features the exclusive agent Propanthenol(Propolis + B5) and a high content of honey for deep and dense nutrients that moisturize and provide a refreshing finish. This korean skin care line is recommended for combination skin with acne and for those with lifeless, dull-looking skin. Additionally, the propolis b5 line formula is free of 20 harmful ingredients and has been tested for sensitivity on skin
  • SOME BY US : We make products with proven efficacy only by undergoing strict testing from the planning & developing stages to product launch, in collaboration with various dermatology experts. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is the ‘First Priority Goal’ of SOME BY MI
Pro-Panthenol 650,000 ppmHoney Extract 100,000 ppmIt is a toner formulated with an exclusive agent for skin barrier care, Pro-Panthenol, that creates a protective layer to help calm irritated skin. It is also contained with honey and royal jelly extract that fill the skin with moisture and healthy energy.