What Is Bomibox? How It Works and Everything Else You Need To Know

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What is Bomibox?

Bomibox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a curated selection of Korean beauty products directly to your doorstep. Each box contains a mix of full-size and deluxe sample-size products, including skincare, beauty and beauty tools, sourced from both well-known and emerging Korean brands.

When will I receive my Bomibox?

Bomiboxes are shipped out at the end of every month. For subscribers within the United States, your box will typically arrive within 3-5 business days after shipping. International shipping times may vary, but most boxes arrive within 10-20 business days. If you order before the 15th you will receive the same month's box, otherwise you will receive next month's box

What types of products can I expect in my Bomibox?

Each Bomibox contains a carefully curated assortment of 7-8 Korean beauty products. The selection may include:

  • Skincare items such as cleansers, toners, essences, serums, moisturizers, masks, and exfoliators
  • Dual purpose skincare _ makeup products like BB creams, SPF cushion compacts, lip balms, serum mascara etc
  • Beauty tools and accessories such as brushes, sponges, and headbands

The products are 100% authentic guaranteed and sourced directly from South Korea.

Can I customize my Bomibox?

Currently, Bomibox does not offer customization options for individual boxes. However, we carefully curate each box to provide a balanced selection of products that cater to various skin types, concerns, and beauty preferences. We strive to include a mix of skincare, makeup, and beauty tool items in every box to offer a well-rounded beauty experience. This may change in the future.

Are the products in Bomibox full-size or sample-size?

Bomibox includes a mix of mostly full-size and travel deluxe sample-size products. We aim to include at least 4-6 full-size items in every box, with the remaining products being deluxe travel size items that offer multiple uses.

What if I am not satisfied with my Bomibox?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely happy with your Bomibox, please contact our customer support team within 14 days of receiving your box to return it for a full refund. Please note that no returns will be accepted if any of the products have been opened.

Can I skip a month or pause my Bomibox subscription?

Yes, you can skip a month or pause your Bomibox subscription by logging into your account and managing your subscription settings. To skip a month, you must make the change before the 1st of the month to avoid being charged for that month's box.

How do I cancel my Bomibox subscription?

To cancel your Bomibox subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bomibox account.
  2. Navigate to the subscription management page.
  3. Click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation.

Please note that cancellations must be made before the 1st of the month to avoid being charged for the next box. If you cancel after the 1st, you will still receive the current month's box, and your cancellation will take effect for the following month.

What is Bomibox's return policy?

Due to the nature of our subscription service and the personalized curation of each box, we do not accept returns of individual products or boxes with opened products. However, if you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact our customer support team within 14 days of receiving your box, and we will work with you to find a satisfactory resolution, such as providing a replacement product or offering a credit for a future box.

How can I update my shipping address or payment information?

To update your shipping address or payment information, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bomibox account.
  2. Navigate to the account settings page.
  3. Click on the "Edit" button next to your shipping address or payment information.
  4. Make the necessary changes and click "Save."

Please ensure that any changes to your shipping address or payment information are made before the 1st of the month to ensure that your next box is sent to the correct address and that the payment is processed successfully.

How can I contact Bomibox customer support?

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, our dedicated customer support team is here to help.

We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours and will work diligently to address your concerns and ensure your satisfaction.