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Welcome to Bomibox, the ultimate Korean Beauty Box and Bag Subscription!

Why the name BomiBox (보미)? Pronounced "boh-me" (보미 rhymes with glow-me), the name is based on the Korean word for "Beauty" [mi] whilst "Bomi" also relates to the Spring time, a season of renewal and love and luck, and also the season in which the idea of BomiBox was conceived. And who doesn't love Spring when everything is fresh and new like our skin after every gorgeous skin ritual ?

Our mission is to delight you and get you on your journey to your best skin ever.

Thank you so much for visiting. If you have any questions, please drop us a message at any time.

Bomibox LLC is a registered US company that ships from the US, and was launched officially in July 2016. Today we have thousands of much loved members from all over the world. Reach out to us any time through hi@bomibox.com

About Ru

My name is Ru Foster. I’m the founder of Bomibox, which is a monthly Korean Beauty Box subscription.

I started Bomibox in Spring 2016. I chose the name “Bomibox” derived from the Korean words for Spring and Beauty. I had battled incurable melasma for many years which made my skin sensitive & destroyed my skin barrier. In my search for healing, I discovered the amazing benefits of Korean skincare and became obsessed. This new found love led me to a hunt for a Korean Beauty Box which would allow me to try and discover new products. The subscription box options for exactly what I was looking for were very limited so I decided to create a new Korean beauty box subscription, one I'd be thrilled to receive myself. I am a subscriber as well, and still extremely passionate about Korean skincare.

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Our mission is to delight our customers. The goal of BomiBox is for it to be like receiving a lucky box filled with beauty that makes you happy. Every item is carefully tested with most items, except masks, being more than one use items. We hope you'll enjoy the BomiBox as much as we enjoy putting them together. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. May your days always be lucky and beautiful.

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